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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Everything is moving very quickly right now.  My daughter's getting taller, quicker, faster, more like a real person.  I'm tentatively booking what could be an incredible 2 - 3 week tour through the Midwest and South in the second half of October.  I'm also finishing a music video which is potentially lightning in a bottle.   ALSO recorded drum tracks for the next EP.   ALSO organizing the house and our money.  Planning my medical strategy for the next couple of months, switched primary care doctors which feels a-maz-ING (loathed the staff of the last office).  Read a great post about how to keep your house clean in 20 minutes a day for 30 days

Revolution is sweeping the globe!  Protests in the streets in Wisconsin! (there is POWER in a union!)  Roll The Union On!  I'm Sticking to the Union!

That bastard Qaddafi/Khadafy/Gadhafi may be hanging from the town square by the end of the month.  And I can't say I would be sad.  I don't wish violent death on anyone, but he would be first runner-up.  I had a friend who died in the Lockerbie plane he brought down. 

So onwards and upwards!  

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