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Friday, March 4, 2011


Dream that David Bowie's daughter Alexandria and my daughter were in the same class at Bank Street School in NYC.  We were invited over to their house for dinner.   While Iman and I were chatting, David came in and I re-introduced myself.   They lived in this giant stone castle which had a huge hole hollowed out in the middle.  When I asked him if it was safe for children with the giant hole, he answered cryptically, "The wind blows the tiles back and forth."  He then showed me to this room which was like It's A Small World at Disney but more Christmasy - there was a Santa sleigh, and it was quite abstract in some places.   I laughed and said, "this is the one rock star indulgence you allow yourself, right?  A totally useless room that looks like a Disney diorama."  We were laughing.  I hugged him as we got ready to go and said, "I really wish you'd make some more music".  He looked tired and forlorn. 

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