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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Not Interested

My commitment to blogging thus re-fortified, I sally forth like a herd of ostriches with their heads up their HEY NOW NOWs, seeking...something? Truth? Justice? The American Way? Could I make a living off of blogging? Could I really be the Kwisatz Haderach? Or maybe just Chris? Am I meant for life at the Quik-E-Mart? Or something greater? Spin spin spin goes the wheel of mind. The Yoga sutras (by way of Swami Nirmalananda) say that 90% of our thoughts are reruns. This is a great thing that keeps me from being lost in the mists of mind and focused on today NOW the only time there IS.

So I have been trying to hire an intern for sometime now at the suggestion of CyberPR, who are full of great suggestions. The first intern I got was great, but left for NYC when his significant other moved. The 2nd intern is still on staff, and though we have had some coordination difficulties, she is ready, willing, and able 5 hrs a week. Right now I should be sending her MySpace software. Hi Christina :-)

I have received probably 20 other resumes from able-bodied persons which range from almost completely illiterate (with college degrees) and egocentric (one person sent me a resume to see if he still "had it") to promising and amazing! One applicant was so amazing that I got excited like the time I saw Stop Making Sense in the movie theatre. I called him/her on the phone and...again...writing skills A++, phone manner and skills F--. Don't necessarily need phone skills at FIRST, but the difference between the written and spoken personalities was so freaky that I ran away. Other applicants have been extremely promising and we get to the point of in-person interviews, but then...nothing. No further response.

When I am seeking employment, no matter what it is (this happens to be an unpaid internship offering college credit), I always follow up and say "No thanks" if we have been communicating. Yes, I said unpaid. That's CyberPR's suggestion, to find an unpaid intern. I thought it was crazy too, but I have received so many resumes that it certainly seems in the realm of possibility. HOWEVER. Is it so hard to write back and say, "Sorry, things have changed, I'm not interested"? I don't get that. Why would you want this person who was considering hiring you to leave the interaction with bad blood? They might blog about you (ha HA)! If I run into one of these people in the future, I certainly would remember the interaction. I also have a photographic memory, not something I'm proud of (does me no good in arguments with the missus, for example), but there it is. So I remember. I try not to hold any resentments, people gotta do what they gotta do, it is after all an UNPAID internship...but still I get back to the common courtesy of ending the interaction.

Would you like to meet? No thanks. I'm not interested. Easy.

I am still seeking an intern to help with social networking, updating my web site, creating fan databases, mailing packages, seeking opportunities, and coordinating band activities. I may pay someone to be my personal assistant for a month just to get caught up with all my projects. Local to Bucks County is probably going to be a must. Unpaid for college credit is ideal. I also need someone to clean my dad's room in Richboro once a week. That is definitely a paid gig.

amidst the overwhelm of taxes/promotion/income seeking/content creation/fatherhood/husbandry/housecleaning...I am starting a video blog! New songs once a week. This is my new challenge. I have the songs actually all written, now it is just getting comfortable on video and positioning the words so it doesn't look like I'm reading them.

BEAUTIFUL DAY. Get outside!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Looking forward to your scribblings.

    See, Rod. First to comment. Because I am the VIP ;)

  2. LOL Witchy.

    Chris welcome the wide world of blogging.

    I am looking forward to the video blog and I would love to share the post on our blog.


  3. Love ya Chris....if Blockhead wasn't such a slave driver maybe I could be your intern...... hee hee :)

  4. How nice to get to know you beyond the music! Lookin' forward to more! Peace.